Travel around the world to be happier

How long were you happy when you bought what you long wanted? Well, maybe a month or even a few years? When the thing became old, you wanted a new one, right? People constantly want something newer, do not value old things, and try to get rid of them.

Many bloggers write about traveling and how it influenced their lives. But everyone has their own experience. So, let’s talk about the important and really life-changing things that we get when we travel to other places. A recent study has shown that people who frequently travel, especially during COVID, are 7% happier.


When you travel you are driven by your natural curiosity and the novelty of a destination. You want to learn about new cultures and see new places, meet new people. If you are curious and smart enough, you will learn a few basic phrases from great local people and keep up a simple conversation. When you learn new things you get more life experience, therefore, become richer.

Dr. Stefan Klein, author of “The Science of Happiness” said that he was most happy: “Wherever I feel connected to the history of humankind or of our planet.

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The more you travel to new places, the more you learn about the life and experience of other people. Traveling will expand your consciousness and make you more open-minded. Life experience while traveling is much more intense than in your familiar place. You cannot learn this from someone else’s experience, but only from your own life experience. Life will be your teacher.

Travel around the world to be richer and happier
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Friends for Life

When you travel, you meet people like you who travel and experience new things in their life. You can experience quite exciting things and hardships while traveling that create lasting friendships and memories. If you make friends with people from different countries, you will discover new cultures and languages. This will make you realize that people have a lot in common regardless of their cultural differences and languages.

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New You

Travel means getting out of your comfort zone. You also challenge yourself and learn a lot about new things and yourself. Getting to know new places can often be accompanied by discomfort and challenges. Thus, your fears will fade away and you may develop new skills and habits. You will become more persistent and confident. You will become a new person because you will know your values after being away from home for a long time.

Travel around the world to be richer and happier
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You will have more knowledge and become less self-centered, and a more compassionate person. You may want to volunteer to help other people or want to go on a spiritual journey somewhere to learn wisdom. It can be a trip to a country with rich traditions for the study of yoga and meditation, or some ancient teaching. These can be unforgettable places like India or others.

Do you have your own story that you experienced while traveling? It will be great if you share this in the comments below. You can also submit your story for publication on our blog. Cheers!

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