Success starts in the morning

More than the hard work you do all day, one very essential key to being successful lies in your everyday morning routine. What makes a successful person different from others is how he or she manages the start of the day.  Hence, your self-discipline is critical to developing a successful morning routine.

Follow a different routine

How you wake up determines how you go about the day. Most probably, the mood you have when you wake up is generally the same mood you’ll have for the whole day. So make it interesting and exciting. Instead of lazily going out of bed, go to the kitchen and drink water. 

Being dehydrated the whole night makes a person feel tired and sluggish. Drink a glass of water when you get up or be sure to have one next to your bedside. Water energizes the body. 

Morning stretching exercises are also helpful to get those muscles ready for the day. Following a different routine increases your “motivation level.” It’s determined to wake up every day facing new goals, new plans, and a brand-new determination. Lastly, practice going to bed affirming yourself to rise every morning feeling renewed and refreshed.

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Meditation is essential

Now get ready to practice silence in the morning. Getting up and being awake is one thing, but to start the day with silence, meditation or a prayer lessens the susceptibility to stress. A lot of successful people say that meditation is essential in their life. If these busy and successful people can do it, why shouldn’t you? Morning is the best part of the day to meditate and be silent.

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Sit in a quiet place and inhale for three seconds through your nose and exhale for three seconds through your mouth. Clear your mind, say a silent prayer. This won’t take too much time, You can do this in less than 3-5 minutes, and you’re good to go. Once you find the habit of doing it then you will realize that the time of silence, meditation, and prayer increases.

Morning routines
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Exercise or be active

Startup your body just like a car’s engine. You need to enable it to move effectively throughout the day. Being active such as having a morning run, walking your dog, or doing some morning chores is kind of therapeutic.

Most of us know this but always conclude not having the time because of busyness and work. Others put exercise at the end of the day but let’s face it, you’re too exhausted to go for a run that it never really happens. Plus, starting your mornings actively also helps the mind think and bodies healthy.

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In Conclusion

Don’t say you can never manage to do one of the few things listed above, everything is still dependent on how you manage your morning rituals. Some days may differ from each other. You don’t have to make it very standardized.

You may reduce the time spent for other things such as jogging for 20 minutes, 5 minutes of silence and writing your thoughts, or 3 minutes of stretching, walking your dog for 5 minutes and 5 minutes of silence. Just remember to wake up with a purpose, stop being mediocre and be successful in the morning.

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